Planning Our Future

Creating a vibrant and dynamic community
where we can live, work and grow


Yesterday the voters made clear, without question, that Pittsford is no longer a one-party town. The voters chose inclusive, transparent government, and they chose a vision for the future.

I am honored by the trust the residents of Pittsford have placed in me. I will live up to that trust by continuing to reach out to residents and to listen to their ideas and concerns. I will represent all of Pittsford, giving voice to the diverse needs in the community and serving all equally across party lines. I look forward to working with my Republican colleagues to make Pittsford a stronger and more vibrant community.

But it is not only the win that makes this historic. It is also what brought us to this point. What we saw were residents coming together to actively shape their local government. We saw voters saying, “We need to stand up for what we believe.” That is what democracy is about. This campaign was not mine alone. It was a collaborative effort that involved countless hours and unbounded creativity. It involved more people than I can stand here and thank – all those who stuffed envelopes, hosted coffees, walked neighborhoods, made phone calls, hosted yard signs, talked with their neighbors, and financially supported the campaign. It was the coming together of three Democratic candidates who coordinated our efforts and pooled together our resources.

We have shown what leadership looks like – involving people in the process, tapping into the rich talents that abound in Pittsford, and creating an effort that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Eleanor Roosevelt wrote that “…democracy is not about words, but action.” What we witnessed yesterday and over the past six months was democracy. Now the real work of serving Pittsford begins. I look forward to working with you.


Our Supporters


Pittsford residents have diverse experiences, ideas and needs. It is important that town government engage with residents and bring them into the decision-making process. I believe Pittsford is more than simply a place where people live. It is a community. Here are some of the people in our community and why they support a plan for our future.

Stephanie has been endorsed by:
Pittsford Democratic Committee
Monroe County Democratic Committee
Women’s Equality Party
Working Families Party
Trailblazers PAC
Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Fund
Rochester & Vicinity Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO


Kendra & Andrew Evans

Stephanie cares deeply about people, pays attention to their needs and strives to make everything better than she found it. I trust her with my children, and I trust her with our town.

Michael & Judy Slade

Stephanie really understands the needs of Pittsford and how what we do locally fits what is going on in the rest of the world. With Stephanie running, we can be proud of Pittsford’s future.

Kelly & Shawn LeBlanc

Stephanie is a born leader. She has our votes for Pittsford Town Board and we will rest easy knowing she is strengthening our community here in Pittsford.

Lucienne Nicholson

Stephanie possesses in-depth knowledge of Pittsford’s history; demonstrates a strong grasp of our current challenges; and offers a concise blueprint for a dynamic, bold, and growing Pittsford.

Audrey Roberson

Stephanie is an avid supporter of Pittsford and an engaged listener. In her life and her work, she solves problems and celebrates successes with a mixture of compassion and intellect.

Mike & Jan Reynolds


Our Issues


Quality of Life

Expanding opportunities and support for residents of all ages


Using natural resources as a community asset

Support for Business

Growing our economy while preserving our heritage

Planning for Our Future

Preserving homes and diversifying revenues

Elections Start Time


To vote in November’s election you must be registered by October 13th.
Absentee ballots must be requested by October 31st








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