Planning Our Future

Creating a vibrant and dynamic community
where we can live, work and grow



Last year I worked to earn your trust. Now I am working to serve you. Since my first Town Board meeting in January 2018, I have acted to:

  • Bring transparency to our town government
  • Ensure fiscal responsibility
  • Achieve environmental sustainability
  • Build a community for all

Whether at a Town Board meeting, visiting with residents, or networking with business owners, I am always listening. I want to hear your ideas and questions. Sometimes those questions challenge my own thinking, helping me to see an issue from a new perspective. Sometimes a creative and inspiring idea leads to new opportunities. Sometimes a resident steps forward with expertise and I learn.

These conversations continually remind me that we are stronger together.


Our Issues



Holding government accountable to residents

Fiscal Responsibility

Use resources to promote the common good


Using natural resources as a community asset

Community for All

Expanding opportunities and support for all residents

Our Supporters


Pittsford residents have diverse experiences, ideas and needs. It is important that town government engage with residents and bring them into the decision-making process. I believe Pittsford is more than simply a place where people live. It is a community. Here are some of the people in our community and why they support Stephanie’s leadership.

In 2017 Stephanie was endorsed by:
Pittsford Democratic Committee
Monroe County Democratic Committee
Women’s Equality Party
Working Families Party
Trailblazers PAC
Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Fund
Rochester & Vicinity Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO


Michael & Judy Slade

Stephanie really understands the needs of Pittsford and how what we do locally fits what is going on in the rest of the world. With Stephanie running, we can be proud of Pittsford’s future.

Kendra & Andrew Evans

Stephanie cares deeply about people, pays attention to their needs and strives to make everything better than she found it. I trust her with my children, and I trust her with our town.

Kelly & Shawn LeBlanc

Stephanie is a born leader. She has our votes for Pittsford Town Board and we will rest easy knowing she is strengthening our community here in Pittsford.

Lucienne Nicholson

Stephanie possesses in-depth knowledge of Pittsford’s history; demonstrates a strong grasp of our current challenges; and offers a concise blueprint for a dynamic, bold, and growing Pittsford.

Audrey Roberson

Stephanie is an avid supporter of Pittsford and an engaged listener. In her life and her work, she solves problems and celebrates successes with a mixture of compassion and intellect.

Mike & Jan Reynolds


Election Start Time


Stephanie will be up for re-election on November 2, 2021.








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